Add Living Space with a New Epay Wood Deck

It is possible to increase the living space of your home by adding on a new deck, creating outdoor areas where you and your family can play, relax, and cook meals, sit in a hot tub, and roast marshmallows with the kids over the fire pit. The size of your new deck is only limited by the size of your property and home. You are free to add as many different types of elements and items you want to incorporate into the design.

The first step to building your new Epay or Ipe wood deck is to draw up a plan. The plan could be a rough sketch on a piece of paper, envelope, or a napkin. The main point is that you take the time to create one, as this will make your project progress easier. When you have a mental picture in your mind of how you want the deck to look and can transfer this to paper, you are able to determine the equipment, supplies, hardware, and tools required to turn your vision into reality.

Once you have your drawing, the next thing to do is to measure out the area where you intend to build your Epay wood deck. Without any measurements, you will not have any idea of how much decking, fasteners, railings, and other hardware and supplies to order. All you have to do is obtain the length, width, and height of the area. Your decking supplier, like us, here at Advanced Building Supplies, is able to assist you in calculating exactly what you need, as long as you provide the measurements and your drawing.