Mix Massaranduba and Cumaru Wood to Create Your Own Unique Deck

You have several different options of Brazilian hardwoods to select from when you want to use one for building a deck, boat dock, gazebo, outdoor furniture, or other type of outdoor structure. You are also free to mix and match woods with one another to create your own unique patterns based on the color, texture, and finish of the woods. For instance, Cumaru wood has a pronounced grain pattern which is a reddish brown to tan. Over time, it naturally fades to gray, unless it is sealed prior to installation. You could combine this color with Massaranduba wood. Massaranduba is a deeper reddish plum color that complements the lighter color of Cumaru. This wood fades to silver gray, over time, without any protectants. Even if you do not apply a protectant, the complementary colors remain evenly balanced as the woods naturally fade.

One type of pattern some people use is to alternate deck boards between the darker Massaranduba wood with the lighter Cumaru wood.  You could also use the dark wood around the exterior of the deck, use the light wood in the middle section, and finish with dark wood in the interior. There are ways to make circular and other such patterns in your deck using a combination of the two woods. In addition, you may decide to finish your deck using one color for the top and bottom railings, while using the other color for the posts. There really are no specific rules when using two or more different colors of woods, except to make sure the woods complement one another, and to have fun creating and designing your new deck.