Consider Garapa Decking When You Want a Lighter Color Deck

There are different colors of wood available to use for adding a deck to your home. Choosing the right color depends upon the exterior colors of your house. For example, if you have a darker-colored siding, you may decide to use Garapa decking, because this wood provides a lighter color. You might have heard of this type of wood also being referred to as Brazilian Oak. The boards are a fine grain yellow timber and sometimes contain streaks of brown. Over time and exposure to the sun, without any sealer, they turn a beautiful russet golden-brown color.

Garapa is a hardwood which has natural resistance to rot, decay, and insects, so it does not require any sealing. It has a lifespan of 25 years or more, without any preservatives or sealers. The wood may be sealed to increase its lifespan, as well as to prevent the wood from changing color, by making sure to use an approved product along with a UV inhibitor finish. Additionally, you are able to make Brazilian Oak darker by sealing it with a tinted finish. Just remember, as is common with all hardwoods, there are variations in the color and grain that only add to the individual beauty and charm once your deck is fully installed.

Another option you might consider when using Brazilian Oak for your deck, is to use a secondary wood of a darker color, such as Ipe. By combining both light and dark woods, you are able to add a complementary flavor to your deck design. For instance, you could use Garapa for the main part of your deck and use Ipe for the railings around the deck.