Tigerwood Decking has a Beautiful Reddish Color and Tiger Pattern

Tigerwood decking has a unique pattern in the grain that is similar to the markings found on a tiger and which is a brilliantly reddish color. The wood is extremely hard, heavy, and closed-grained. It resists water well and has natural resistance to decay, rot, and insect attack.  Further, this type of wood may be offered in large sizes and is easy to shape with the right tools.

Tigerwood decking is comparable to Ipe decking and provides an alternative because it is a fraction of the cost of Ipe. The wood does not need to be sealed, but can change color, over time, from exposure to the outdoors. If you prefer to keep the original reddish with a pronounced brown grain appearance of your wood, a finisher with UV blocking will help retain its beautiful color. Decks using this type of wood are often complemented and finished by installing Ipe railings and stairways.

Another option some people use is to place Ipe decking around the exterior of the deck to create a border, which is also the location where the Ipe railings will be installed. In the interior of the Ipe boarder they install the Tigerwood at a slant, rather than placing the boards on the horizontal or vertical. This is just one example of how you are able to install your decking using both kinds of wood. You are always free to come up with your own patterns and designs, as well as review other design ideas available at our online store.