How Cumaru Wood Decking Can Prove to be an Astonishing Home Improvement

Cumaru is becoming more popular in the US because it is an excellent type of wood to use for decking, especially if cost is a concern. It’s no secret that constructing a deck can be expensive, but this is never a problem with affordable Cumaru. This renewable wood source grows at a faster rate and is considered an eco-friendly choice. Just be sure to purchase Cumaru wood decking from suppliers that source their wood from sustainable forests. 

Cumaru is favored by those who prefer a very pronounced grain feature. The natural color of Cumaru is deep reddish brown to medium tan. You may choose to stain your Cumaru wood decking to emphasize the grains even more.

Cumaru wood can last for over 2 decades, so you never have to worry about replacing your deck any time soon. What’s more, it is one of the hardest woods with a Janka rating of 3540lbf. A highly durable Cumaru wood decking can last for years without any preservatives. It can naturally ward off insects and other pests while also resisting rotting and decay caused by moisture. Do you want to install a hot tub on your decking? You can do that without worries.

Perhaps the only problem with Cumaru wood decking is that it can turn into a different color when it is not properly protected. If you leave out your Cumaru wood decking out in the sun for too long, it may fade to gray. To protect your Cumaru wood decking, simply apply UV finishing. Once this treatment is applied, no further maintenance is needed.

There’s a reason why ports and even boats choose Cumaru wood as their main material, it’s just that durable and strong. Choose Cumaru wood for your home’s outdoor decking.