The Most Important Feature of Garapa Decking

What is the feature of a Garapa deck that is the most important? Is it the appearance, color, shape, or size? In reality, while these are important aspects to consider, they are not the most important ones. The foundation, support, and structure on which the decking sits are the most important feature you want make sure is completed correctly. Think about it for a minute. If the structure is not sound and secure, putting deck boards on top to cover it up does not make problems go away. Further, if the supports are not able to support the weight of the decking, furniture and people, they will break, and your deck will fall down.

Whether you are building a deck onto your home, or a new boat dock, the foundation has to be secure and firmly in place before placing your first Garapa decking board. For example, if you are working in wet areas, the support posts have to be sunk deeper. You may require the use of additional equipment designed to pump water out of the hole while pumping in cement to set the posts. Regardless of the location of the deck, the posts are essential to providing a sound foundation. The framing, cross beams and other support boards attached to the posts are only as secure as the posts themselves.

Prior to starting any decking project, it is worthwhile to review installation guides. Also, make a list of questions or concerns you might have to ask your local building supplier, like Advanced Building Supplies, as you are reviewing these. We are able to help by offering solutions to ensure you receive the right size deck boards, materials, and supplies needed to build your dream dock or deck. We can work with you from a sketch on the back of a napkin.