Four Processes to Installing New Hardwood Decking

There are four basic processes that compose an entire hardwood decking building project. In order to ensure you deck is completed correctly, you need to take the necessary time and progress through each process. You should not move onto the next one until the prior one is fully completed. In addition, by reviewing each of these, you can decide whether this is the type of project you want to do yourself, or if you might want to hire an experienced contractor, instead.

The first process is to create the plan for your new deck. It is worthwhile to draw the deck out on a piece of paper, or use a computer application you know how to use. The drawing gives you a visual image of what you want to build. Many people brainstorm while at lunch and often create sketches on the back of napkins. Once you have your drawing, you need to decide what type of hardwood decking you want to use. You also need to take accurate measurements of the area where the deck is going to be installed. Once you have your measurements, your deck wood supplier, like us, here at Advanced Building Supplies, can help you determine all the materials and hardware you will need.

The second process is to prepare the area for construction. During this process you need to remove any grass, weeds, or debris from where the deck is being installed. Support posts, flashing, and other items are added at this stage. Next, you want to prepare the deck frame and support beams and install them. You may want to seal these items with an approved protectant and sealant. The third process is to install the deck boards across the top and secure them to the support beams and frames. The fourth process is to finish up by installing stairs and railings.