Planning to Install Ipe Wood Decking in your Home

Ipe wood is commonly known as Brazilian walnut wood and is also one of the sturdiest types of wood due to its high density. It is a tropical hardwood and is a naturally superior variety, that’s harder than oak. Wood decking are mostly ones that are used outdoor and are extension of a floor and expected to sustain weight.

When planning to install decking in your home, the following points has to be considered:

  • Decking has to be chosen according to whether it is needed indoors or outdoors.
  • The esthetics of the decking has to be decided, and wood can be chosen accordingly
  • If it is planned for outdoors, the stability and resistance to molding must be high. The chosen wood should be easy to maintain
  • Tropical hardwoods like Ipe are of a higher quality than pressure treated lumber. It is more resistant against warping, cracking and needs less maintenance than PT lumber.
  • The wood needs to be checked for resistance to termites, insects and rot. These can wreak havoc on the decking and deem it useless.

Aesthetically, it gives a rich appearance, similar to that of mahogany but with a more reddish crimson tinge.

It is hard to stain these woods and only an oil based stain could penetrate easily. All woods are prone to forming a grayish tint when left outdoors due to sun exposure. This can be avoided by treating Ipe wood to a UV blocking finisher.

Proven advantages:

  • Sturdy
  • Good esthetics
  • Insect resistant
  • Very hard
  • No preservation required

With the above mentioned facts, it is easy to decide on Ipe as the material of choice for decking as pros obviously outweigh the cons. The decking area can be lined with specific length hardwood boards rather than random. This makes for a professional and neat finish.

One has to approach companies dealing with premium quality hard woods and not settle for B grade wood due to lower cost as it will cost you in the long run. Also, you need to search for companies that provide wood deck support as they would deal with any queries regarding your deck.

Installing Ipe wood for decking from a professional dealer will ensure a sturdy, good looking decking that will last you a lifetime. The finish, the texture, the feel, and the quality of the wood lend an excellent finish to the decking.