Maintenance Tips for Hardwood Decking

When it comes to wood, maintenance is essential to ensure that the wood does not lose its looks. Exposure to extreme climatic conditions may sometimes lead some types of wood to lose their shape, dimensions, etc. To preserve that exquisite look on decking for a long time, it is essential to maintain the hardwood. Read on to learn a few tips on how to maintain hardwood decking. A poorly maintained hardwood deck will have a lackluster appearance.

Use finishers to inhibit UV

In order to ensure that the wood has a natural finish, you can look at using a good finisher. This UV inhibitor can help prolong the life and looks of hardwood decking. While applying the coat ensure that you do not apply a layer that is too thick. This will rob the wood of its appearance. Whenever the hardwood requires a recoat, the surface is to be cleaned thoroughly, and the recoat applied.

Restoring wood look to weathered gray appearance

Natural weathering may result in the wood getting a gray appearance. Restoring it requires the application of a brightener. This will lift the gray film that settles over the wood, restoring it to its normal wood look.  These brighteners come with instructions on how to get a finished wood appearance. Following that will help fetch the best results. Use only cleaners or brighteners that have been recommended for use with the hardwood.

What you need to avoid

Knowing what’s not good for hardwood decks is important. Cleaning the decks should never involve the use of substances that contain acrylics or urethane polish. Cleaning should never be attempted through the use of hard surfaces or materials such as steel wool, scouring powders etc. Any cleaning substance that has a high concentration of lemon, citrus oil, tung oil or silicon should never be used to clean the hardwood surface. By avoiding the above substances, you can give a long lease of life to the surface.

A lot of effort and thought may have gone into the hardwood decking on your property. Zero maintenance and improper maintenance actually amount to one and the same. Therefore, it is essential you carry out periodic maintenance, in the proper manner with the right material. For a timeless appearance you need to hit the right combination. That is, the right choice of hardwood decking, the best design/layout and the right maintenance.