Cedar Wood Deck – Most Stylish and Durable Decking

Cedar decking is a softwood which is considered to be naturally superior for decking. They are natural, rich in color, grained and renowned for its natural beauty.

They are preservative free and contain natural oils that make it resistant to insects and rotting.  

There are four types of cedar wood that are used:

  • Architect clear
  • Custom clear
  • Architect knotty
  • Custom knotty

These types are listed in the order of being most expensive and clear to less expensive and knotty appearance.

Cedar wood is generally very resistant to insect infestation. But, it is directly proportional to the content of heartwood in the wood board. Heart wood is mainly the wood closer to the core of the tree. It is hard and resistant to decay and insects.  Whereas sapwood is towards the periphery of the tree. It is softer and could be prone to decay.

To maintain the natural color of the wood, one has to apply a stain. If not, the woods tend to turn grey. Power washing must be done every year and a finishing every three years to maintain the vibrant hue.  A wood repellent preservative needs to be applied to protect the board from effects of weather. Cedar wood has amazing dimensional stability- this means that the wood does not change shape or size in extreme weather conditions.

It is a porous light weight wood, so it has high insulating properties. Generally cedar decking is sold in length of 6 feet and width of four to six inches. It is generally used for the visible part of the decking. Due to its soft nature, it may not be an ideal choice when it comes to use as a framework.

Summarizing the amazing benefits of cedar wood

  • It upgrades any outdoor project with its appealing esthetics
  • Cedar has natural oils making it bug resistant. As the wood ages, oils build up more creating a beautiful look
  • Cedar decking is grown and processed locally in the U.S.
  • Cedar should be sealed every two to three years
  • It is durable and offers an elite look to the decking area.
  • Dimensionally stable

Cedar wood would be the ultimate style statement to any home due to its characteristic appearance and vibrant color. With their favorable properties, it makes it a wise investment for the long haul adding value to the property, in addition to lending a timeless charm.

About the Author:

This article is written by Bruce Master. He gained an interest in woodworking at an early age. Bruce Master started working with contractors in the 1970s as a salesman at Ace Hardware in Miami. Over the years, he discovered and fell in love with Brazilian woods. He has built decks, docks and specialty items using many of the Brazilian woods. Today, Bruce loves his job as Operations Manager for ABS Wood, a Brazilian wood retailer.