How to Choose the Right Quality Deck Material?

Decking is usually an extension of the floor to the outdoor and placed at a height from the ground. It is mainly made of three materials

  • Wood
  • Composite
  • Pressure treated lumber

Out of these three, naturally formed are the hardwood and the pressure treated lumber. Let’s view each type briefly:

  • Pressure treated lumber:

This type is very inexpensive but susceptible to warping, splintering and cracking. The maintenance also is very high as it is prone to weather damage. It is mostly used to form the framework of the deck and sometimes the outer portion too. But it does not give a high aesthetic appeal of other woods. It is economic and readily available. It is also easy to cut and fasten with screws.

  • Composite material:

This type is manmade- it is an amalgamation of wood fibers and recycled plastic. It has extended longevity and very low maintenance in comparison with PT Lumber. It does not warp, crack or split. The installation price for composite is far more than wood. It softens and droops over time at the joints.

  • Wood:

If the esthetics of decking is the primary concern, wood would be the ultimate choice

There are three types- softwood, pressure treated lumber and hardwood.

  • Softwood

It is mainly cedar and redwood. These are naturally superior woods and are light. With the correct ratio of heartwood to sapwood, it is a very dimensionally and structurally stable choice. It does not shrink or warp with climatic changes. It requires constant maintenance. If stained and weather proofed it can sustain all weathers.

  • Hardwood

These are mostly found in tropical and are namely Ipe, teak, tiger wood, cumaru, massaranduba.

These are the perfect combination of stunning looks of wood and superior durability.

They are very hard and dense making it naturally resistant to rot and insects. The vibrant colors and grainy textures add an unparalleled esthetic element to the entire property. It just has to be weather proofed every three to four years, and it can last for a lifetime.

The criteria to look for while selecting the decking material:

  1. Durability – it needs to have longevity  as it is an investment in property
  2. Maintenance – one has to decide the maintenance they are willing to put in for the decking
  3. Budget – while deciding the material, one has to choose based on the cost. This not only includes initial costs, but the maintenance and weather-proofing costs also need to be included.
  4. Location – while choosing the deck material you also need to consider the weather condition and the location. This will help you choose the appropriate material.

Based on all these criteria, one can determine the appropriate material of choice for their decking to ensure long lasting and sturdy decking.