Throughout the décor world, you will find many credible articles and reliable sources of information about how beautiful Tiger wood is. It is a wood that is so unique in its look and feel that no matter where you use it, the end result will come out to be unbelievably exotic. With its light golden brown hues and alluring black and brown streaks, this wood will become one of the most striking addition possible for your home. However, this blog covers some more interesting features of Tiger wood, i.e. the mettle this wood is made of that turns this to a reliable decking material for use in home.


Tigerwood possesses a Janka hardness rating of 2016lbf. It is harder than maple and oak and possesses a higher degree of strength and robustness. Decking made from this wood will not buckle under pressure and will provide you with a 30+ year lifespan that is more than what you can expect from any other outdoor decking material.


Tigerwood is one of the most resistant materials that you will find for use in outdoor construction. It is so hard that most Wild Destroying Organisms are unable to find any traction in this wood, making it impossible for them to harm it in any way. Fungus, rot, pine borers, termites, decay, moisture damage – Tigerwood resists them all, making it the most reliable choice of material for your outdoor decking.


Another great quality of Tigerwood is how well it can stand up against the sun and the damaging effects of the elements. A simple UV blocker is all you will need to prevent your deck from turning gray and losing that alluring luster that you so love in it. Low maintenance – that is the mantra to remember when using tigerwood as a building material for your deck.

Using it to create an outdoor decking and patio for your house can be the best decision you can make as a homeowner.