Ipe Wood Is Perfect for Outdoor Projects

There are many advantages to using Ipe wood for your outdoor projects.  These range from the durability of the wood, to the color, which changes with weathering.  It is also a fully biodegradable product that will not cause damage to the environment or your local landfill.  There are several different projects that can be completed with this wood; everything from patio to pool decks can be fashioned from Ipe wood, without worrying that it will be damaged by weather and rot.

As your Ipe decking ages, it will start to get a light gray patina on the wood.  This is not a sign of damage, but the natural aging process of the wood when exposed to weather.  The wood will still be just as hard and sound, but will change color.  To prevent this change, you should use a wood finisher that includes ultraviolet (UV) protection.  This helps prevent the sunlight from fading the wood and keeps your deck looking like new.  You will need to reapply the finisher — usually once a year.  The finisher may need to be applied more often in areas with high moisture and sunlight that is more direct.

Ipe wood is one of the hardest woods in the world.  This is what allows the wood to be resistant to rot and insect damage.  It can make the wood harder to work, especially when cutting and drilling holes to assemble a deck, but the extra time in assembly is compensated for by the number of years your deck will last.  With a little loving care and some routine maintenance, such as removing leaves and reapplying a finisher, your deck can last for decades and provide you with years of outdoor fun and relaxation.