What Is Ipe and Why Is It Better than Other Decking?

Ipe is a Brazilian hardwood that is considered one of the densest woods available.  This means the wood will be harder to cut and drill, but will last for decades, instead of just years.  Many people believe that composite decking made from plastic and petroleum products is longer lasting than wood decking, but this is not always true.  If you consider the life expectancy of the composite and Ipe decking, they are almost exactly the same.  The main difference is that the composite will never break down when removed and placed into a landfill, while the wood decking is fully biodegradable.

There is also the consideration of harm to the South American rain forest by removing hardwoods.  Most of the rainforest destruction is caused by farming and burning off large areas of woodlands for grazing purposes.  By purchasing hardwoods directly from Brazil, you are creating a value for the trees in the rainforest and allowing them to be judiciously harvested.  This preserves the rainforest, because it now has value beyond the need for grazing and farming land.  We are proud to help preserve this worldwide resource by limiting our harvesting to meet all national and international treaties regarding the flora and fauna of the rainforest.

Ipe decking may be harder to cut and drill than other woods, but you will find that the beauty of the wood will last for years.  You will also have a deck that, when it does need to be replaced, will not harm the environment.  Your deck will be helping preserve the rainforest, and you can be proud to be the owner of a green solution to your home decking needs.