Tiger Wood Decking: For Elegance and Longevity

Tiger wood is one of the best types of materials for decking purposes. This type of wood is rich and features reddish-brown or light golden-brown coloring. It comes with exotic brown or black streaks, much like the amazing tiger (and thus its name). The gorgeous and unique tiger wood decking is incomparable to the imitations and composite woods.

If you want a home you can be truly proud of, opt for tiger wood decking. This material is not only gorgeous but also highly practical. This Brazilian hardwood offers benefits such as longevity and natural resistance to termites and other insects. A typical tiger wood decking can last for more than 30 years—and that’s without preservatives! Tiger wood decking is resistant to moisture, decaying, and rotting. So if you plan on putting a hot tub on your decking, you may do so without worry. The weight of the tub is not a problem, either. Tiger wood is very durable and is one of the hardest wood types out there. According to the Janka scale, a tiger wood has a rate of 2016 lbf—which means that it is harder than maple and oak. To keep your tiger wood decking looking handsome as ever, make apply a finisher to block or reflect the sun’s UV rays that might cause it to turn gray.

Tiger wood is also easy on the planet. You can build a gorgeous deck without feeling guilty about its environmental impact. For starters, tiger wood is highly sustainable wood. What’s more, this type of wood (unlike composites) is biodegradable. After 30 years or so and you decide to change your decking, tiger wood can be easily disposed. It will decompose in a landfill without causing any problems such as harmful toxins leaking into the water supply or the soil.