Cedar Timber – Furniture for Style and Durability

Cedar is a type of wood that can be turned into decking, flooring, shingles, beams, boards, and timbers. Cedar timber is popularly used for furniture making, especially for foot lockers and chests. But this type of wood can also be used for the creation of other kinds of furniture, specifically outdoor pieces. The Janka hardness rating of cedar timber is 900. It may not be as hard as other types of wood, but Cedar timber has structural stability and offers good shock resistance. Preservative treatments are not needed by cedar timber as its heartwood has extractives that are toxic to fungi. This means you don’t have to worry about your cedar timber furniture decaying. Here are other advantages to using cedar timber furniture: 

  • Lightweight – You won’t have any trouble moving cedar timber furniture in and out of your house. 
  • Thermal co-efficient – Even during hot days, your furniture will stay cool. 
  • Great color – The natural color of cedar timber is cream or light brown, but if you prefer furniture with a silver-gray color, painting is not required. All you need to do is to let it bathe outdoors. 
  • Finishing options – Cedar can be finished off with a wide range of exterior grades, from paints and stains to varnishes and oil finishes. 
  • Durable – Cedar timber furniture can resist cracking and checking, which is apparent in most wood species. 
  • Natural preservatives – Since cedar timber can resist rotting and decaying, it makes for great furniture by the pool and hot tub areas. It can even be used inside saunas. 

Cedar timber is easy to work with so you can create a wide range of furniture. Whether you are making outdoor seating areas or a small table to place by your hot tub or maybe a lounging seat by the pool, cedar timber is the perfect wood.