Why Choose Cedar Lumber for Your Decking Needs?

Cedar lumber has long been used for storage chests and closets because of its unique ability to repel most pests.  This is a feature that is often linked to the scent that is given off from the wood during the aging process.  While this scent is pleasant for humans, and most people love the scent of a cedar-lined drawer, the insect repellant is a feature of the oils that are native to the wood.

This oil is repellent to moths, which is why this is a very popular wood for use in clothing storage.  The scent also infuses the cloth, especially cotton and linen, giving the clothes a unique, yet pleasant odor.  The oil will also repel other insects, such as termites and wood roaches, allowing your deck to last for years without excessive treatments and chemical sprays.  The oil also protects the wood from water damage, but it should still be treated with a protective coating when it is used for outdoor decking.

Another advantage of using cedar lumber for your decking is that it is highly resistant to decay, giving you years of use with only a minimal amount of care.  It is also resistant to the splitting that often occurs with other woods when you use nails or screws to attach the wood decking to the frame.  This type of resistance makes the wood hold in place longer and gives you a beautiful deck for many years.  It also provides structural stability, which is ideal for structures that are designed to hold your friends and family.