Why is Ipe Wood the Best for Outdoor Uses?

Ipe wood is always the top choice of builders and designers when it comes to the best and finest wood for outdoor applications. It has become a popular material for building home decks, sidings, docks, fencing, and more. Ever wonder why?

  • Lasts for decades

Renovating the exterior part of the home is expensive. As much as possible, you want to choose a material that lasts for a long time. With ipe wood, you can rest assured that your siding or decking will be enjoyed for many years. It has a Janka scale rating of 3,680, which is the highest (considering that the maximum rate is 4000). Ipe wood is the hardest and mightiest wood for outdoor application there is today. This is the number one advantage of IPE wood over the other types.

  • Highly resistant to most wood issues

Some of the major causes of wood problems are insect attack, fungal decay, rot, exposure to water and heat. All these do not affect the durability and integrity of ipe wood. This incredible wood can resist and withstand most types of wood issues, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful deck, sidings, or fence for years. You can even extend its life up to 50 years with proper care.

  • Offers a wide range of colors, grains, and grades to choose from

Ipe wood also offers a flexible choice to homeowners and designers. It comes with a range of colors to choose from such as light tan and brownish black. The color variations of each piece of ipe wood is what makes it truly gorgeous. Whatever your home design is, there is surely an ipe wood color, grain, and grade that matches your requirements.

Although the best ipe wood is found in the Brazilian rainforest, they are widely available. Reputable and well-known US-based suppliers import this wood from sustainable sources, offering clients many choices for their home projects.