Tips for Installing Tigerwood Decking at Affordable Prices

Brazilian Muiracatiara is a reddish colored hardwood with brown grain lines. The color and pattern resemble a tiger skin giving the wood its more common name: Tigerwood. The color of this hardwood ranges from red to dark reddish brown.

It has a very tight grain that makes this a very sturdy and strong wood. Tigerwood is harder than maple and oak wood. It is so hard that wood destroying organisms (WDOs) like insects, bugs, termites, etc. do not attack it. Therefore, tigerwood is resistant to decay and rotting. It has a long lifespan making it the perfect choice for outdoor decking and furniture.

Tigerwood is cheaper than Ipe wood making it a great alternative for affordable and durable decking. It is also slip-resistant and can be used in decks that are close to the pool. It is also suitable for decking in rainy locations.

Here are a few tips for installing tigerwood decking at affordable prices:

  • Grade: Hardwood is graded based on its appearance like the number of defects in a board. It is determined by the amount of clear surface area on its poorest looking side. Choose tigerwood with the highest grade for decking.
  • Appearance: Tigerwood has a characteristic red hue, but it varies in color. Choose the color that matches your overall décor. Tigerwood decking complements Ipe railings or framing really well.
  • Sustainable Source: When buying tigerwood ensure that it is coming from a sustainable source. It is naturally biodegradable and should come from a location where responsible forest management is promoted and practiced.
  • Protection: Tigerwood, like other types of wood, has the tendency of turning gray when exposed to UV rays of the sun. A UV blocking finisher can help block or reflect back the UV rays of the sun making your tigerwood decking stay true to its color for years.
  • Price: Tigerwood has been popular for ages. Despite being an exotic kind of wood, it is readily available in stores and online. Choose to purchase from a reputed seller who offers you the wood closest to its market price.