How to Get Affordable and Durable Oakwood for Truck Trailer Decking

Oak wood is one of the most popular choices of hardwood and is used to make furniture, decking, cabinetry, and various other wooden furniture and furnishings. It is now considered as a symbol of luxury and quality. There are many species of oak trees in the world. However, there are mainly two types of oak wood: white oak and red oak, which are used for various end purposes.

White oak and red oak cannot be differentiated between one another just on the basis of the color. The shades range from very light brown to light reddish brown for both white and red oaks. However, they have different properties. For instance, white oak is stronger of the two and much more resistant to rotting. It is suitable for building boats and outdoor furniture while red oak wood should be used only for cabinets and indoor furniture. Due to its durability, white oak is slightly costlier than red oak.

Oak wood is an appropriate choice for building truck trailer decking. It lasts for decades and requires minimal annual maintenance. The wood is slightly more expensive than some other types of woods that are used for decking. However, other types of wood are not as strong and durable as oak wood. The other woods require more frequent and extensive maintenance making oak wood a very suitable material for trailer decking in the long run.

Moreover, its high tannin content ensures the wood is resistant to insect and fungal attacks. It shines beautifully with just a little bit of varnish, making it a firm favorite even for indoor home use.

Here is what you need to do to get affordable and durable oak wood for truck trailer decking:

  • Before you go out for buying oak wood for truck trailer decking, you need to make sure that you have listed all your requirements. White oak is a better choice than red oak for decking. Keep a few shades in mind because both red and white oak wood come in a range of colors
  • It would be helpful to remember that there are many species of oak, and each one has a different strength and weight. Exotic oak wood species will be costlier than local species and best not used for trailer decking
  • There are many resources online to find the market value of oak wood. When you plan to purchase the wood, do ensure that the vendor is offering you a reasonable price. Always negotiate with your seller to get a great deal. You can also go online and find websites that are selling oak wood lumber at competitive prices
  • Also, remember to choose a seller who gets the wood from reliable and sustainable sources. This not only ensures that you do your bit for the environment but also makes sure that the product you buy is worth the money you have spent on it and will last you for years with minimal maintenance