05 Tips for the Better Maintenance of Ipe Deck

There are ample options and choices for hardwood flooring and home décor available in the market these days. One of most the widely used varieties however, is the exotic Ipe hardwood – a decking material that is highly preferred by contractors, designers and homeowners alike. Ipe decking is unbelievably strong and impenetrable, while being resistant to rot, ants, termites and mold. With these stunning characteristics, the wood also demands proper maintenance and care. Here are 5 tips for the proper maintenance of your Ipe deck.

Tip 1.

It is always recommended to apply a coat of sealing agent on the wood while installing an Ipe deck in your home. A good sealant will certainly safeguard your Ipe deck against water decay, keeping the surface smooth and scratch free.

Tip 2.

While Ipe is highly resistant towards damage and rot, you should still apply proper finishing and varnish onto the wood to create a protective layer on the same. Choose a good quality water-seal product to get best results.

Tip 3.

The deadly effect of UV rays can cause your Ipe Deck to lose some of its brilliance and allure. To avoid such damage, apply a UV-inhibiting sealant and oil finish on the wood to preserve its natural look.

Tip 4.

Take proper care of your Ipe deck by preventing stains as well as unnecessary accumulation dirt or dust. If you accidentally spill something on the wood, immediately clean it off with a soft brush or cloth.

Tip 5.

Lastly, regular care and maintenance is a must to preserve the original look and feel of your Ipe Deck. Make sure you carefully clean it on a recurring basis and closely examine the same for any signs of damage so as to take corrective action at the right time.