Advantages of Using Tigerwood Deck for Your Flooring

Tigerwood has become one of the top choices for house owners and builders. It is largely regarded as the finest quality hardwood in the industry. Tigerwood lasts for thirty undisturbed years easily without the need for any preservatives. You can also use pre-grooved tigerwood flooring that is easy to install.

Here are some of the properties that make tigerwood stand on the priority list of the homemakers.

  • Durability: Tigerwood resists denting and wear with time. It is a dense and heavy wood with Janka hardness of 2160 and specific gravity of 0.45. Moreover, it is used not only for outdoor railings but also for interior furniture as it resistant to decay and prevents fungal growth naturally without any preservatives.
  • Visual Appeal: The wood features light golden and reddish-black color with bold black and brown streaks. This makes for flooring that looks exotic and lavish. Tigerwood is preferred for its dramatic grain patterning that cannot be achieved with any other variant.
  • Slip Resistant: Tigerwood flooring gives a fine finish and texture to the surface. Unlike other polished floors, it does not become slippery or glossy. This also complements the furniture well.
  • Customized Designs: The woods from different areas show different colors due to the difference in soil and environmental conditions. One can also darken the color of the wood by exposing it to sunlight.
  • Dimensional Stability: Tigerwood air dries with only minor warping. It is dimensionally stable and does not shrink or swell in extreme weather conditions. It is resistant to twisting making the floor even more durable.
  • Moisture Content: The moisture content helps to determine the longevity of the wood. It makes preservation easy and prolongs its life. Tigerwood’s favorable moisture content makes it viable for import and export as well. For a home, this means years of maintenance free floors and decks.
  • Working Experience: Hand tools are not ideal for tigerwood. Pre-drilling and nailing have become a necessity to get the desired finishing. On the flip side, this means that there are almost no mistakes or errors when laying your deck.