Protect your House from Bugs and Termites with Brazilian Wood Decking Material

When buying wood, one considers various factors. One of the most important considerations is termite resistance. Not all woods attract attacks from termites or bugs. There are some varieties of wood that are safe from the action of termites due to various reasons. For instance, wood treated with cycles of extreme pressure or vacuum blocks the pores of the wood and slow down the decay process. This reduces the likelihood of termite infestation drastically. Another variety of such woods gets its bug-resistant properties from the toxins ones found in the suburban terrain where they grow. They are absorbed into the wood and repel termites and other wood harming bugs.

Depending on the type of furniture, there are different varieties of wood that are best suited for the purpose. Cherry, walnut, and chestnut being hardwoods are typically reserved for furniture and cabinetry. Woods like garapa, jatoba, and tigerwood offer elegance, reliability, and strength that no other decking wood can match. Making the furniture termite resistant frees you from regular investment in furniture and decking repair and maintenance.

While almost all the woods you find can be attacked by termites or bugs, there are some that are naturally resistant to it. The central wood of some trees become less permeable, darker, and dense making the central cells non-living. The most commonly found trees under this category are Redwoods, Laotian teak, and Alaskan cedars. The cellulose content on such tree trunks is minimal thus allowing them to avoid termites to a large extent.

Brazilian hardwoods are particularly renowned for their natural resistance to bugs and termites. In life, they stave off attacks from several hundreds of species of bugs, and as a building material, their resistance ensures your decks and floors remain termite free.

You can make your Brazilian wood decks termite resistant by using chemical mixtures like ACQ, CBA, Borates, etc. On its own, Brazilian hardwoods offer exceptional protection against infestation. When augmented with appropriate chemical treatment, they can last for decades without any need for termite or bug treatment.