Usage of Brazilian Teak Decking for Swimming Pool

Brazilian Teak wood is a hardwood native to South America. It is extremely dense and five times harder than traditional pine or cedar. Its color and appearance makes it a good choice for swimming pool decking. It gives an elegant finish to the surroundings and blends well in outdoor environments. Its durable properties makes its installation and maintenance economic and hassle free. The wood is termed reliable and untwisted because of its Janka hardness of 1155. Brazilian Teak can be air dried to attain 8-15% moisture content to support easy decking of swimming pools.

How to use Brazilian Teak Decking for Swimming Pool:

Before using the teak wood for swimming pool decking, it is important to equalize the moisture content of the wood with the environment it is going to be in. The process takes some time but gives the deck the desired stability.

• Store the wood in an area with similar moisture content to that of the final installation site, i.e. the swimming pool.

• Stack all the decking boards at an elevated level from the ground to ensure air flow between each layer for wood.

• Ensure that the wood is not covered or trapped. Keeping the wood covered-up generates a greenhouse effect making it deficient in the desired moisture content.

Teak wood decking is an excellent choice for swimming pool decking because of the benefits it offers. Some of these are enumerated here:

Durability: Teak wood is derived from the matured teak trees and thus it can endure heavy loads and drastic climatic changes.

Easy Cleaning: Brazilian teak has a smooth finish which makes cleaning and maintenance simple. Simply wiping your decking with warm water will help a great deal.

Decay Resistant: This wood is resistant to red decay or white fungal decay making it last longer. The traditional teak wood decking lasts for over fifty years without preservatives.

Appeal: The perfect bold texture and rich coloring complements the swimming pool well and makes the ambiance look elegant and tastefully done.

Eco-Friendly: Teak tree grows comparatively faster than other decking wood trees. Moreover, teak wood can be reused for other purpose and does not cause any side effect to the environment.

Worthy Deals: Brazilian teak is a moderately priced wood as compared to other outdoor decking woods. But its maintenance cost and durability makes it worth the investment.