Things to Know When Choosing Teak Wood for Decking Floor

Teak Wood – often considered to be one of the most valuable of timbers, is definitely the top material to use for constructing the floor of your home deck. It is recognized worldwide for its durability and strength and is actually the most preferred material for constructing ships where the wood is subjected to heavy wear and tear and tough weather conditions. If you are planning to choose Teak Wood for decking floor construction, here is a list of things that you should be aware of:

  • Teak is a beautiful wood type, perfect for use in a variety of applications. This fine grained wood has an even texture and medium luster.
  • High quality teak is available in yellow to dark golden brown hues which often takes on a silvery and grayish appearance upon aging.
  • It is a highly durable and strong wood type – perfect for use in outdoor construction and installations like patios and backyard decks.
  • Teak is one of the few timber types that can even withstand the heat of a desert – so no need to worry about your deck bleaching away in the sun! It can easily withstand the effects of sun, rain, frost as well as snow.
  • Teak wood is moderately hard with increased shock absorption, excellent decay resistance and reliable dimensional stability. It doesn’t catch fire readily which is an added safety feature.
  • Treating teak with oils and other chemicals is generally not required. While its color will change over time, teak flooring will retain its strength and resistance for many years to come without much maintenance needed.
  • Teak also has a high natural oil content which gives it a unique aroma, often comparable to leather. The inherent oil also makes the wood water, rot as well as insect resistant. Termites won’t be able to damage your deck made of teak wood.
  • Teak wood is costly, considering the fact that this timber naturally grows in very few parts of the world like India, Thailand, Malaysia and Central America. However the benefits offered by the wood definitely make it a worthy choice for use as decking floor.
  • Even your carpenter will be happy using teak wood to construct your home deck. The wood yields well to manual and machine cutting, turning and carving. Staining and finishing is also easy.

So go ahead without any fears – you are definitely making the right choice by using teak wood for your decking floor.