How to Get Fabulous Ipe Hardwood Decking on a Limited Budget

Ipe is a tropical hardwood that makes for a great decking solution. Its yellowy olive hues create an appealing and inviting space that ages particularly well with time. It has natural resistance to fire and insects, making it an exceptional option for outdoor decking applications. If you want a decking material that is hardy and can withstand the rigors of a busy outdoor deck, while still looking good in the process, then Ipe Hardwood Decking is a practical choice for your project.

It is not difficult to figure out just how much decking material you need, depending on the space available as well as your budget restrictions. All you have to do is to measure your area to figure out just how much decking your space requires. Add at least a 5% allowance for wastage to make sure you won’t go short on Ipe wood. In addition to figuring out the amount of material you need, it is also important to plan the total cost of building the deck so take into consideration the cost of:

  • Preparing the ground – While building a deck can be considered a minor job, there can still be costly elements to the project, particularly in getting the ground ready, such as moving access points or drainage systems.
  • Deck framework – Factor in the cost of construction of the box frame where your decking will sit. This is especially true when you want a raised deck, which will require raised pillars and a specially designed box frame in order to hold the deck together. Your decking will also need joists, which can also add to the cost of your project.
  • Standard materials – Also consider the cost of other materials and accessories you might need to complete your installation, ranging from noggins and screws to balustrades and other framework accessories, the amount of which will largely depend on your deck size and design.