The Top Reasons to Choose Garapa Decking for Your Home or Commercial Property

Oak is a widely used wood species for building decks on residential and commercial properties. And if you want something durable and low-maintenance, consider choosing garapa or Brazilian oak. It comes in an attractive light yellow color and boasts excellent properties like greater density, hardness, and scratch resistance. Keep reading to discover more reasons to choose garapa decking for your project.


It’s the color

You can’t go wrong with garapa if you want a brighter deck in sunny color. The wood’s natural golden honey color has a fine grain that makes it look more sophisticated. Plus, the appealing brown streaks add character to your deck. If you want it darker, you can simply apply a tinted finisher. Sun exposure ages the wood gracefully, turning it from yellow to an attractive russet golden brown color. To avoid graying, consider applying a UV-inhibitor finisher as part of deck maintenance.


For a durable, lasting deck

Garapa comes from the Amazon rainforest, so it naturally resists decay, insects, and water damage. On the Janka hardness scale, its hardness is 2280 lbf, making it significantly harder than oak (1360 lbf) and maple (1450 lbf). 

Additionally, it doesn’t require any form of preservative against those problems. High-quality and sustainably sourced garapa decking should last over 25 years, and the only maintenance it will need is the UV inhibitor, which can be optional if you want to let the color change naturally for a unique look.



Build your deck with garapa wood, and you’ll stop worrying about termites and other wood-destroying organisms destroying it. It naturally resists fungus and termites, but make sure it’s well-sealed to prevent water from permeating the wood.


Keeps your deck safe

Garapa decking is perfect for decks and around hot tubs or swimming pools because it is naturally slip-resistant. That means you can reduce accidents on your property, even when people walk around barefoot.


Environmentally friendly and reasonably priced

At ABS Wood, our garapa decking is harvested sustainably from forests to ensure a renewable material. Plus, we carry it at reasonable prices. Our products are ready to ship the materials to your job site or home. Order by calling 352-508-4990 or 404-549-4840.