How Cedar Wood Can Naturally Repel Insects and Keep Your Home Pest-Free

Although wood has been a traditional material for building, it can present issues in the long term due to its vulnerability to rotting and insect damage. Nevertheless, there are certain types of wood that surpass others in terms of flexibility and durability. Cedar wood is a perfect example, and with the right supplier, you can easily get it as beams, timbers, shingles, decking, boards, or lumber for any project.

Cedar is known for its beautiful red to deep reddish-brown hue, with distinctive tight knots that add character to every piece of wood. It’s a popular material for furniture building but also suitable for larger structures, like homes and decks. For such projects, you need a high-performance, pitch-free cedar decking board that resists splitting. It will easily improve the aesthetics of your outdoor space while offering dimensional stability.


The best choice for a pest-free home

Western red cedar wood is perfect for outdoor applications because it is proven durable and accepted by North American building codes. It does not require preservative treatments to repel decay and pests, making it a safe material for homes.

Cedar’s durability is attributed to its heartwood, which naturally resists decay and contains extracts that are toxic to fungi and other rot-causing elements. The same heartwood also repels insects. Cedar releases chemicals and a strong smell that insects find unpleasant, making the material a suitable option for building outdoor living spaces if you want to reduce pest infestations to protect yourself and your home from damage.


Is it safe for humans?

Thujone is the insect-repelling chemical that cedar wood naturally releases, and it causes nerve damage to bugs and insects. The wood’s aroma becomes more prominent after heavy rainfall, so you don’t have to worry about bugs laying eggs on your property.


Build your home with cedar.

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