Exploring the Beauty and Versatility of Cumaru Wood: Design Ideas and Inspiration for Your Deck

If you want your deck to withstand the test of time, it’s crucial to build it with long-lasting materials. Cumaru hardwood is an excellent option. Also known as Brazilian teak, it’s among the densest hardwoods known for longevity and durability, and that makes it ideal for building decks. Like ipe, this Brazilian hardwood is naturally biodegradable and will return to nature when it reaches its end of life, which shouldn’t be in a few years. Because it resists insects, decay, and rot, it will make your deck last over 25 years, even without preservatives.


Create an attractive outdoor retreat.

Cumaru wood comes in natural colors ranging from a deep reddish brown to a medium tan, giving it a red or yellow appearance. Variations are natural, but they add to the wood’s charm and character while providing your deck with a unique look and feel. For a consistent look, use Cumaru wood for the handrails and rainscreen, too.

Another well-known and noticeable feature of Brazilian teak is the pronounced grain on every board. You can highlight the grain with any stain, even with a sealant coating. Otherwise, you can leave it be and let it stand out on its own.


Create a long-lasting and durable deck.

Technically speaking, on the Janka scale, Cumaru is at 3540 lbf, which is greater than other common hardwoods like oak and maple. That makes it resistant to scratching and other forms of damage. The natural environment where the tree grows is extremely damp and hot, with various pests and insects and a high risk of fungal growth. As such, the wood is very dense and can resist those conditions, and these benefits carry over to your deck.

Like most natural hardwoods, it will react to UV exposure and turn gray over time. However, you can preserve its lovely color by applying a UV-blocking finisher as part of its maintenance. No other preservation techniques are required to make it last longer.


Buy Brazilian teak from a trusted source!

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