Why Choose Brazilian Ipe Decking for Your Outdoor Living Space?

Whether building a new outdoor living space or refreshing an existing one, you’ll want to choose a cost-effective material that will last long and withstand the elements. Brazilian hardwoods like ipe can be a good choice, especially when it’s premium grade. Brazilian ipe decking promises the best in longevity, quality, and price because of its hardness, density, and aesthetics. Keep reading to know the details and know why it’s the best material for your outdoor living space.


It’s one of the hardest, most durable woods.

Ipe is highly dense. If you can’t imagine that, think about oak, but make it three times harder. This density also gives it an A1 fire rating like concrete. And because it’s hard, bugs cannot destroy it. Insects may try gnawing on your ipe deck, but they will easily get turned off and find a softer surface. So, wood-destroying organisms like pine beetles, termites, and fungi will be the least of your problems.


No chemical treatments required

Other decking materials may require special chemical treatments to deter bugs and rot. Brazilian ipe decking naturally resists those problems, including decay and fungus. So, you don’t have to worry about potentially toxic substances that may decrease the safety of your outdoor living space.


Naturally beautiful

Ipe is also known as Brazilian walnut, and despite the brown color, it’s anything but boring. Its color ranges in various shades, with a few darker boards that appear almost black. Plus, you’ll find a few greenish or red boards. Ipe also has an attractive, fine texture and graining pattern, with some variations in grain and colors that add character to every board. This way, the material provides your deck a unique look and feel.



No maintenance is required to keep Brazilian ipe decking in good shape. But if you want to maintain its color, try applying a UV blocker finisher now and then. Otherwise, you can let the wood age and turn silver-gray. That said, this graceful aging won’t affect ipe wood’s hardness and durability.


Where to get ipe wood?

Convinced? You can get Brazilian ipe decking right here at ABS Wood. You can also find some ideas and inspiration for your project here. We carry ipe decking in various sizes, including railing and custom sizes. Call 352-508-4990 to order or to ask for prices.