Teak Wood Decking and Flooring – An Amazing Option for Home Improvement

You can immediately differentiate this from other types of wood with its yellow or red color. Teak is a dependable and quality wood decking which will enhance the look and style of your home. If you are interested in teak wood decking then you will want to know its many benefits.

  • Elegance of teak wood decking: – There’s something about a wood deck that makes it a home warmer and more welcoming. The sophistication of teak wood provides a particular kind of beauty that no composite material can offer. Its natural hue together and fine grains produces a combination of perfect deck lines.
  • Durability: – Teak is a Brazilian hardwood that can last for up to 20 years with little maintenance. According to the Janka Wood Hardness scale, Cumaru or teak wood comes in at 3540 lbf. To compare, natural oak is at 1360 lbf. Teak is almost 3 times harder than oak wood.
  • Protection against insects: – Because of the high density of this wood, pests and other insects have a difficult time penetrating it. Teak wood decking lasts for decades thanks to is natural protective properties. Even without preservatives, teak is a very effective material for indoor and outdoor flooring.
  • Uses beyond the deck: – You can use teak wood for almost every part of the house—not just for the deck. Some people use it as living room flooring. The color reflects light nicely and brightens up the room. The reddish brown and yellow combination makes the flooring unique.

Teak wood can also serve as materials for outdoor furniture. With the right shape and size, teak can be turned into useful seats and chairs that you can use in your outdoor space, such as your porch, backyard, or swimming pool deck.