All About the Garapa Decking: Best Wood, Best Stain, Best Sealers

Garapa decking (also known as the Brazilian Oak) offers many benefits and features. It is a great material for adding functionality, style, and elegance to your outdoor space. Are you interested in using it? Read on and find out more about its characteristics and maintenance requirements.

  • Best Wood: – In terms of durability, Garapa is one of the strongest and most weather resistant wood available. It has a hardness of 2280 pound-force according to the Janka Hardness Scale. This wood can be used for any outdoor decking design. Garapa decking is also non-slip. You can install this wood in areas that regularly get wet, like swimming pool decks. It is also scratch resistant, so heavy foot traffic is never long a problem with this type of decking. Your porch will remain beautiful with no cuts or grazes for a long time.
  • Best Stain: – If you want a lighter color on your deck, you can definitely choose Garapa wood for its natural golden and yellow color, as well as its stunning lines and grains. Some types of Garapa even have streaks of brown on them. Apply a tinted finisher on the wood to retain its natural hue if you wish. If you let Garapa decking be exposed to the sun without a UV finisher, its color will turn to classic gray.

The best stain that you can use is Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Finish. This UV Inhibitor finisher gives protection to your decking. It enhances the natural grain look, repels water, and reduces warping and cracking. you have

  • Best Sealer: – Ipe Seal End Grain Sealer is specially formulated for hardwood decks and is applied to all the ends of your boards. Every time you cut a Garapa board, you need to apply this sealer to prevents cracking and checking of your decking. One quart of this product can be used for up to 130 boards.