Tips to Consider When Installing an Ipe Wood Deck in House

When it comes to beauty, durability, and versatility, nothing can beat ipe wood decks. This exotic tropical hardwood possesses unique qualities that make it superior to others. For one, it is three times harder than oak wood and five times harder than southern pine. It is also rated as extremely durable, fire-resistant, and resistant to rot and termites. If untreated ipe wood decks can last for four decades, just imagine how long it will last if oil is applied. If you are seriously considering installing an IPE in your home, then keep these tips in mind:

  1. Use air-dried ipe for outdoor and kiln-dried ipe for indoor applications.

If you are renovating your patio, walkway, or deck, choose air-dried ipe because it will not contract. On the other hand, kiln-dried ipe expands because of moisture and rain and is only good for indoor installations where they are less exposed to extreme weather conditions.

  1. Allow it to acclimatize.

Once you receive your supply of ipe hardwood, allow at least two weeks of acclimation before installation. Do not store them in your garage, especially if you intend to use them for exterior applications. But make sure to cover the IPE hardwood to protect it from the rain.

  1. Use self-drilling screws and saws with 80 teeth when installing ipe decking

Due to the density and hardness of ipe, special tools are needed for its proper installation. Self-drilling screws for ipe hardwood eliminate the necessity to pre-drill before screwing, allowing you to work faster. Meanwhile, brand saws with 80 teeth ensure smooth and clean cuts.

  1. Order from a reliable dealer

Make sure that the dealer you are buying from is certified and credible. The best suppliers will not only deliver high-quality ipe hardwood from the suppliers in South America but also sell them at lower costs.