Tigerwood Deck: What Makes It the Best Wood for Your Deck and How to Maintain It

Tigerwood offers strength, durability, and style that no other hardwood brings. It is a highly recommended material for porches, decks and even indoor flooring. Are you interested in building a pool deck or porch using this material? Here are the features of Tigerwood decks that you can take advantage of:

  • Natural Design: – What makes this type of wood interesting are the streaks of black lines along its surface, which make it distinctive. The overall color of this wood is light golden brown to reddish brown. Tigerwood decks have unpredictable patterns that make for a completely unique space.
  • Affordability: – It’s easy to see why this is one of the most popular hardwoods available in the market today. It is less expensive than the Ipe wood decking. If you are on a budget but would like to create a durable and beautiful outdoor space, then Tigerwood decks are really worth a second look because of their lower price point.
  • Resistance against WDOs: – Wood Destroying Organisms or WDOs are the enemies of substandard wood. With Tigerwood decks you never have to worry. Termites and other insects cannot penetrate your decking because of its compactness and high density. Tigerwood decks last for years without any problems.
  • Easy maintenance: – Perhaps the greatest feature of Tigerwood is the fact that it requires minimum maintenance. After assembly and installation, you don’t even need to apply any stain on the surface. But if you do want to retain the original color of Tigerwood deck, you need to apply a finisher on the wood. It is an oil-based product that gives protection against the UV rays of the sun. It will prevent the color from turning to gray over time. The key is to get your wood from a reputable supplier so you can enjoy the best quality and value.