IPE Hardwood Decking: Decking You Don’t Have to Replace

Impervious to many destructive contaminants, Ipe wood is one of the finest wood decking materials you will find in the market. This exotic hardwood sourced from the depths of South American rainforests is up to 8 times as hard as California Redwood, lasting for 20 to 50 years even without preservatives. It is for this reason that IPE hardwood decking is highly sought after by many home and commercial property owners. This near-perfect decking material is strong, dense, and hard, offering natural resistance to rot, abrasion, and changing weather.

If you’ve been looking at many different types of wood decking materials, you’ll find IPE hardwood decking to be a superior choice over traditional options like cedar or pressure-treated composites. Ipe wood offers a long list of advantages over other wood types, on top of which is its Class A fire rating, which is the highest that can be given to construction materials. The wood has equal fire resistance as steel and concrete.

When it comes to natural beauty, IPE hardwood decking also takes the cake, with its natural dark brown color, similar to mahogany. This hardwood offers the durability and resistance of an exterior decking material, but the beauty and elegance of fine interior hardwood. Even in its unfinished state, your Ipe deck will age beautifully. Left exposed in sunlight and the elements for years, your Ipe deck will turn a beautiful silver-gray tone, but will not splinter, rot, or decay. Its high density protects the wood’s structural integrity even with heavy use.

IPE hardwood decking exceeds standard building code requirements, which makes it the perfect exterior decking choice. Its offers innate hardness, strength, and extreme durability, not to mention its extreme resistance to attacks by outside contaminants, ranging from fungi and termites to moisture and decay—it’s definitely hardwood decking you won’t need to replace for a lifetime.