Garapa Wood – The Right Wood for Your Home

Looking for an ideal wood decking material for your home? Garapa wood might just be the fine-grained hardwood to fit your discerning taste. Also known as Brazilian Ash, this exotic hardwood comes with a beautiful light yellow to a nice and warm golden hue. Line many hardwoods, Garapa is sought after for its strong resistance against rot and decay as well as damage due to insect attacks. This makes garapa wood a worthwhile investment for outdoor decking.

A garapa deck can last up to 30 years even without the use of wood preservatives. The wood is also highly scratch resistant, which gives your deck a smooth and scratch-free surface for years to come. It offers durability that is comparable to Ipe at much less cost. Like Ipe wood, garapa wood also weathers to a beautiful silver-grey shade over time. Its fine, closely knit, natural graining makes garapa an ideal choice for wood decking projects that require a clean, streamlined, contemporary look.

There are many other benefits to choosing garapa wood for your home’s deck. It offers class 2 durability, which comes as a result of its high density and natural resistance to damage. This hard-wearing timber also provides extreme stability. With proper acclimation, garapa wood can ensure optimal moisture content. Kiln-dried garapa wood offers more uniform moisture content, which enables optimum stability for external decking use. Kiln drying is also ideal for optimal machining and finishing.

Garapa is much harder than mahogany and cedar, which further makes it a more stable decking option, even for homes with considerable food traffic. Its natural density makes it resistant to scratching, denting, cracking, and warping, enabling your wooden deck to last a long time even with minimal maintenance. It offers many of the ideal qualities of Ipe wood, but at a much lower cost.