Is Cedar Wood the Most Preferred Material for Deck Building?

Cedar wood is a popular decking option preferred by many home owners for many advantageous reasons. Although material choice for deck building is typically reliant upon individual goals and priorities, cedar wood usually hits all the qualities people look for in a decking material. Here are only some of the reasons why cedar decks are sought after by home owners and designers alike:

  • Cedar wood is inherently attractive – If you are looking for a naturally great-looking wood for your decking project, cedar definitely tops the list with its strong, consistent color tones. While its natural wood grain patterns and colors are beautiful as they are, the wood can also be stained, sanded, and treated for an even more elegant finish.
  • Cedar is extremely durable – The wood has been a popular material for housing and decking since history. It has natural resistance to rot and decay and it can repel insect attacks. Its natural oils also help cedar wood resist water and moisture absorption, enabling cedar decks to last longer even with less maintenance. Cedar’s durability also translates to resistance to warping and splitting. Depending on the environment as well as your maintenance routine, your cedar deck can last for at least 15 to 20 years down the line.
  • Cedar wood offers great versatility – Cedar (especially western red cedar) is both resin and pitch free. This enables it to accept and hold all kinds of stains, colors, bleaches, and other translucent finishes. The wood is such a versatile material that it comes in a wide variety of textures, grades, and dimensions to accommodate different applications.
  • Cedar is an affordable as it is environment-friendly – While cedar wood isn’t necessarily the least expensive decking material out there, it is relatively affordable, given its numerous advantages and benefits. It is also a green alternative, mainly produced in sustainably managed forests, which help prevent environmental degradation.