Cedar Timbers the Future of Timber in Landscape Design

Landscape cedar timbers provide homeowners endless possibilities to turn their exterior landscaping into beautiful outdoor settings. They can be used to build all kinds of garden setups, ranging from planter boxes to raised gardening beds, retaining walls, garden steps, and even landscape paths, picnic tables, and seating.

Cedar is one of two common natural woods available for landscaping the other one being redwood. These timber slabs/logs are usually treated using oil-based preservatives. This process helps stave off fungi and mold and protects the wood from damage because of exposure to moisture, air, and the sun. Untreated timber also offer good resistance go moisture, fungal growth, and extreme temperatures, if you want a more natural look to your landscaping. Cedar has a pleasant natural shade, but it can always be painted or stained to match your ongoing theme or your prominent landscaping features. Because outdoor landscaping is exposed to the elements, natural deterioration of wooden components cannot be helped as time goes. When this happens, make it a point to replace decaying logs or treat damage right away so as not to affect other perfectly good logs once termites and ants head for the decaying wood.

There are many benefits to using cedar timber for landscaping, which is why it is such a popular material of choice by many landscape artists and even interior home decorators. Some of the main benefits of cedar timber include:

  • Durability – treated cedar timbers can last for years on end, when the right finish is applied.
  • Accessibility – cedar timber is widely available and supplies are never too little for its high demand.
  • Economical – apart from its price, landscape cedar timbers also boast eco-friendliness as cedar is one of the most renewable types of wood. Cedar is also less costly compared to other landscaping materials like concrete or brick.