Cedar Lumber – Various Advantages and Utilities

Used particularly for furniture and construction, cedar lumber is an excellent type of wood to work with. It is known for its true and straight grain as well as its uniform texture. Easy to cut, cedar lumber can be turned into furniture with common tools. But make no mistake—even though this material is easy to work with, it is highly is durable and is resistant to splitting that is often caused by fasteners. Cedar lumber also naturally resists decaying. Lightweight, possessing incomparable dimensional stability, and easy to finish, cedar lumber can be used for foot lockers and chests. Low-density cedar lumber can offer superior insulation, too. 

Cedar lumber has a Janka rating of 900 and is known for excellent shock resistance. Even without the use of preservative treatments, cedar lumber can naturally resist fungi. It can even resist insects such as termites. New cedar lumber possesses a neutral cream or light brown color that deepens into an even more gorgeous hue with age. There’s no need to waterproof, stain, or varnish it. Low maintenance cedar lumber is likewise ideal for outdoor furniture as well as for decking and patios, fences, and more.

You might also notice that cedar lumber is one of the most popular materials for creating saunas. Aside from its natural oil that can resist water naturally, cedar lumber emits a wonderful aroma. This type of wood can also be used for decks with hot tubs.

Another good thing about cedar lumber is that it comes from renewable resources and is considered an environment friendly choice. Just be sure that you are buying cedar wood that was harvested responsibly from managed forests in locations such as British Columbia. Aside from lumber, cedar is also sold as timbers, boards, beams, flooring, and shingles.