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Cedar Deck Boards May Require Treating, Staining and Sealing

Any time you are using cedar deck boards to build a deck or raised walk way, you have to decide whether you want to treat, seal, and stain the boards. Each of these processes requires the appropriate types of products. You also have to take the time to complete each one into your project schedule, as the boards have to be fully dried before applying the next product. Some products may incorporate each of these items into an all-in-one product only requiring a few applications. Remember to check with your lumber supplier to verify the most appropriate products for your kind of wood. Continue reading

Mix Massaranduba and Cumaru Wood to Create Your Own Unique Deck

You have several different options of Brazilian hardwoods to select from when you want to use one for building a deck, boat dock, gazebo, outdoor furniture, or other type of outdoor structure. You are also free to mix and match woods with one another to create your own unique patterns based on the color, texture, and finish of the woods. For instance, Cumaru wood has a pronounced grain pattern which is a reddish brown to tan. Over time, it naturally fades to gray, unless it is sealed prior to installation. You could combine this color with Massaranduba wood. Massaranduba is a deeper reddish plum color that complements the lighter color of Cumaru. This wood fades to silver gray, over time, without any protectants. Even if you do not apply a protectant, the complementary colors remain evenly balanced as the woods naturally fade. Continue reading

Cedar Wood Is Used for Beams, Supports, and Foundations

Building projects around the home require selecting the right types of materials to use as the foundation. If the foundation is not secure or properly built, whatever is being placed on top will also not be secure. Further, you want to choose materials that do not degrade, rot, or break down over time, as this weakens the foundation. For instance, one common kind of wood used for a variety of foundations, supports, and beams is cedar. Continue reading

The Most Important Feature of Garapa Decking

What is the feature of a Garapa deck that is the most important? Is it the appearance, color, shape, or size? In reality, while these are important aspects to consider, they are not the most important ones. The foundation, support, and structure on which the decking sits are the most important feature you want make sure is completed correctly. Think about it for a minute. If the structure is not sound and secure, putting deck boards on top to cover it up does not make problems go away. Further, if the supports are not able to support the weight of the decking, furniture and people, they will break, and your deck will fall down. Continue reading

Options for Building a Deck Include Soft and Hardwood Decking

You have several different options, when it comes to selecting the wood for your new deck. You might choose soft woods like western red cedar or cypress. However, using these woods could require additional expenses, over the long term use and care of your deck. You may have to pretreat the wood before building the deck, as well as use an approved sealant or protectant. In addition, on an annual basis, you often have to reseal the deck by first cleaning it with a high pressure washer, before applying a new coat. Just remember to include these maintenance costs into the total expenses for building a soft wood deck. Continue reading

Four Processes to Installing New Hardwood Decking

There are four basic processes that compose an entire hardwood decking building project. In order to ensure you deck is completed correctly, you need to take the necessary time and progress through each process. You should not move onto the next one until the prior one is fully completed. In addition, by reviewing each of these, you can decide whether this is the type of project you want to do yourself, or if you might want to hire an experienced contractor, instead. Continue reading

Build a Lighter Colored Deck Using Garapa

Garapa, or Brazilian Oak, is for people who want a lighter color wood deck. This timber is a fine grained yellow with streaks of brown. Just like other Brazilian hardwoods, it is naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insect infestations. It does not require any sealants or protectants, unless you want to preserve the original color. Without any sealants, over time from exposure to the UV rays of the sun, the wood does change to a russet golden brown color. There will be variations in color and grain that add to the individual character and are common when using wood decking boards. You can also darken the wood with an approved tinted finisher prior to installation. Continue reading