Trailer Decking Secrets: How to Maximize Your Payload Capacity

Trailers are commonly used for long-distance hauling or transportation of goods and cargo. As a result, they are widely utilized by businesses, particularly in the transportation and logistics sectors. Regardless of the type of trailer you own, paying attention to the flooring is crucial. If you’re experiencing difficulties in maximizing your payload or have observed signs of wear and tear, consider upgrading to a better trailer decking material.

But what factors should you consider, and how do you choose the best trailer decking? Here are all the basics you need to know.


Factors to consider

Take note of these factors before you proceed to choose a trailer decking:

  • Trailer load capacity: Ensure sufficient load capacity for large items, like machinery, appliances, and furniture.
  • Environmental conditions: Your trailer will be going places, so choose a decking material that can withstand any environment and weather conditions.
  • The nature of the loads you usually transport: Identify the loads you typically use your trailer for.
  • Budget: Make sure the decking is cost-effective in the long run.


Pick the right material.

Your trailer is meant to carry massive loads and cargo, so it makes sense to choose a decking material that can withstand heavy weights and maximize your capacity. For this purpose, we recommend Apitong, an exotic hardwood from Southeast Asia. Also known as Keruing, it’s a highly dense wood with less moisture content, making it perfect for trailer decking than oak and other woods. Plus, you’ll appreciate its affordability, durability, and sustainability!


Go low-maintenance

Apitong hardwood is very hard and heavy, ranking 1390 lb on the Janka hardness scale. With the low moisture content, these characteristics make the material less susceptible to shrinkage. Plus, it’s highly resistant and durable against wood-destroying organisms and fungi. It does not require special chemicals or treatments to keep it in good shape.


We can supply Apitong hardwood for you.

Check with us here at Advanced Building Supplies, Inc. for Apitong trailer decking. We supply decking in different sizes and lengths to suit most flatbed trailers. We can also shape blanks to suit your specific requirements. Contact us to get started!