The Top 3 Benefits of Installing Ipe Rainscreen Siding on Your House

Vinyl rain screens may be cheaper, but they cannot compare to the value and sophistication that wood variants can add to your home. That’s why we recommend wood rain screens for a more sophisticated feature that can elevate your home’s exterior. It’s important to choose a durable and long-lasting material like an Ipe rainscreen. It’s extra strong, durable, rot-resistant, and easy to install. Plus, it’s maintenance-free and will look naturally good for decades.

Not sure about choosing Ipe rain screens? Allow us to list the top three benefits of installing one on your house. We hope this guide can change your mind and make you choose a superior material for your home.


  1. Aesthetically pleasing

An Ipe rainscreen has a naturally beautiful brown color you can preserve with a UV-protecting finisher. You can also get it in other colors to match the other hardwoods you have on your property. We think Ipe rain screens go well with a golden garapa deck with their contrasting colors. If you’re unsure how to mix and match, order sample kits from us!


  1. Long-lasting and durable

Brazilian hardwoods like Ipe are rated to last from 40 to 100 years. That’s effectively a lifetime of not worrying about buying a new deck every few decades! Ipe rain screens are the most durable. Manufacturers ensure a robust build with a complete system and all the accessories for faster installation, such as the attachment channels, outside corners, and trim.


  1. Get superior moisture resistance

Ipe rainscreen siding can protect your property from moisture damage and mold. So, you might have the opportunity to lower your insurance rates. Some insurers require rainscreen siding to minimize moisture damage claims, typically due to poorly installed window openings and low-quality siding.


Get high-quality rainscreen siding from us! 

Our beautiful Ipe rainscreen siding will enhance your house and make it stand out in your neighborhood! Check our selection of rainscreen sidings here at Advanced Building Supplies, Inc. Besides ipe, we also carry tigerwood, garapa, and cumaru rain screens.