How Tigerwood Decks and Decking Will Make Your House Different from Others

If you are looking for a type of hardwood that is less expensive than Ipe, consider tiger wood decking. People who are aiming for one-of-a-kind design or style often see this material as the optimal choice for flooring applications—and you probably will, too. What characteristics of tigerwood decking will make your home unique?

Natural patterns

This type of wood earned its name because of the natural patterns of the wood, which look like tiger stripes. It is scientifically known as Brazilian Muiracatiara and is generally reddish in color with brown grain lines. If you are aiming to have Ipe railing in your house, tigerwood decking is a great complement to it in terms of color.

Beautiful flooring

Why settle for tiles or composites when you can use tigerwood decking for your interior floors? The warmth brought by wood will make any room more appealing and attractive—not to mention hot in the winter and cool in the summer.


Did you know that Tigerwood is harder than oak? You can apply tigerwood decking on any type of paneling and trims without having to worry about eventual rotting and degradation. It has a natural characteristic that can resist termites. It is also rot resistant, which means you can design any part of your house with this Brazilian hardwood.

No stains needed

If you are a DIY kind of guy, you’ll love how easy-breezy tigerwood is. You don’t need to apply stains or colors to preserve the beauty of tigerwood decking.

Are you on a budget or simply want to keep your project costs down without compromising on quality? You can take advantage of all the properties of this Brazilian hardwood at a fraction of the cost of Ipe. Contact the leading supplier of Tigerwood and ask for quotation today.