Things to Consider Before Buying Decking Wood for Your Home

You need to choose high-quality wood must be used to ensure the durability and lasting value of your deck, but it can be challenging to decide on the right type of decking material. It is easy to become overwhelmed by the wide range of selection, color, and types of wood available from suppliers. Be sure to consider factors like the weather and climate, outdoor conditions, and things intend to do to your deck when narrowing your choices down. Here are some of the other things you should consider before buying decking wood for you home:

  • Find alternatives to oak and other hardwoods – Brazilian hardwoods can be a great choice if you want a durable and lasting decking material. Garapa is ideal for decking due to its sustainability and affordability. Likewise, it can be used to build a durable deck. Apitong is rated 2280 lbf on the Janka hardness scale, making it much harder than oak. 
  • The density of the wood – Choose wood that is dense and make sure it has low moisture content. Brazilian garapa is 100 percent harder than oak, making it extremely hard, heavy, and dense. Hence, shrinkage hardly occurs, and in case it does, the difference is very slight. Garapa is over 200 percent as hard as maple, and 200 percent the hardness of oak. Dense decking wood will repel insects and other wood rotting organisms, too. 
  • Durability – Decking wood must be durable and can withstand elements that can cause it to rot or deteriorate fast. The heartwood of Brazilian garapa is resistant to termites and fungi. Termites are turned off by its hardness, so they tend to leave it alone and look for another wood that is softer and easier for them to chew. 
  • Size and quantity – Explore the selection of Brazilian garapa decking wood online. Find a reputable supplier of Brazilian hardwoods to see their choices. Some suppliers can supply garapa decking wood in select lengths or bundles. Blanks can be molded to suit your requirements.