Reasons to Choose Cedar Wood for Decking

Cedar wood, a type of softwood, is obtained from coniferous trees called cedars that grow in different parts of the world. The quality and use of cedar wood are dependent on where the trees come from. Cedar trees grow well in moist mountain soil which is rich in limestone and grow fast when exposed to sunlight. Cedar wood is popular for both indoor and outdoor use.

Some important reasons for choosing cedar wood for decking are discussed below:

Affordable and Easily Available: Cedar wood is easily available because cedar trees are grown all over the world due to the presence of suitable climatic and soil conditions. This makes it affordable as there is a balance in its demand and supply.

Easy to Install: A type of softwood having a closed grain, cedar is very easy to work with. It is durable and lightweight. Cedar wood can be painted easily allowing people to match the color of the wood with the overall décor whether used for decking or indoor furniture. Intricate designs can be carved in it with great ease.

Low Maintenance: Cedar wood requires low maintenance as compared to other types of wood used for decking. Pressure-treated cedar wood is stronger and great for decking. Despite being a softwood, cedar wood is shock-resistant and offers great structural stability. It lasts a long time.

 Resistant to Termites: Cedar wood contains cedar essential oil which has a woody aroma and insect-repelling property. This makes it naturally resistant to termites. People prefer it in building their decks as it also has a natural resistance to moisture.

Environment-friendly: Cedar wood is a natural wood and lasts for several decades. Once it is past its prime, it can be easily recycled into some other product of value.

Periodic cleaning, staining, and re-sealing help maintain a cedar wooden deck for years. Cedar wood is easy to saw, cut and nail, making it a workman’s favorite wood.