Points to Be Considered for When Choosing a Teak Wood Decking

Brazilian teak wood decking or sometimes called Cumaru decking is a great choice for hardwood decking for homes. With its natural beauty, resistance to decay and rot, teak wood decking lets homeowners enjoy enduring beauty for years. In fact, with proper maintenance and care, this hardwood decking can last more than 25 years.

Brazilian teak wood decking looks like ipe but is slightly cheaper. Perhaps this is the reason why some builders choose it as an alternative to the expensive and heavy ipe. Choosing the right teak wood for your decking is straightforward, though, you must carefully consider the following factors for optimal results:

  • Color variations

As with most tropical hardwoods, Brazilian teak comes with beautiful color variations that range from medium tan to deep tones with reddish-brown tints. You can pick specific shades to complement your home design or you may just let the color variations to make your deck look more natural. Having more pronounced grains, Brazilian teak will surely turn your outdoor setting unique.

  • Decking board sizes

Your choice of decking board sizes is not limited to regular 6 to 7-foot. You can select shorter or odd-length decking boards, too. This is advantageous to homes with odd-shaped decks. This also saves you money.

  • Price

Brazilian teak is an expensive material. But because its market demand is lower compared to ipe and other hardwood, some U.S suppliers sell them at a more affordable price. Some reputable suppliers even price them lower than the market price because they have low overheads.

  • Reputable supplier

If you are going to shell out your money for an expensive Brazilian teak decking, might as well go to a reputable supplier. This does not only ensure durable and high-quality decking boards but also superior customer service. Only a credible supplier can provide helpful insights and tips, from selection, installation, to maintenance.

  • Warranty

Despite the durability of Brazilian teak, suppliers should still offer at least one-year warranty to their clients. That way, your decking is covered in case of defects.