Brazilian Oak – Why Consider it to Use for Making Furniture?

Brazilian oak wood is a popular choice for decking because it looks similar to red oak but is cheaper. What many people don’t know is that it is also a great material for making pieces of furniture like cabinets, chairs, and chests. Here are some good reasons why you should consider it for your projects.

  • Not too hard yet durable

Brazilian oak may not be as hard as other types of wood, but it has long-lasting qualities, nevertheless. With a Janka rating of 1650, Brazilian oak is harder than red oak which has a 1,290 rating. Apart from being hard, this wood is also considered very stable and resistant to denting.

  • Easy to work with

Because it is lightweight, Brazilian oak wood is easy to work with using any furniture-making power tools. You can easily glue the pieces of your furniture in place, too. What’s more amazing with Brazilian oak wood is that it holds and absorbs stain really well.

  • Naturally beautiful

One thing that distinguishes Brazilian oak is its light tan appearance that sometimes has a pinkish tint. It also has gorgeous natural graining patterns. This makes it a great choice for building sophisticated and elegant pieces of furniture for home use.

  • Resistant to bugs and termites

Insect attack is one of the common problems that affect wood furniture’s durability. Fortunately, Brazilian oak wood is highly resistant to them, specifically to bugs and termites.

  • More affordable

Brazilian oak is surprisingly more economical, considering its great qualities that are comparable to those of Brazilian hardwoods. It is sold at lower prices, making it ideal for many woodworkers.

The only problem with Brazilian oak is its limited supply. You must import this wood from South America or Brazil. The good news is that there are US-based suppliers that can help you source this wood. They offer reasonable shipping fees to anywhere in the country.