What You Need to Know About Brazilian Ipe Decking

A Brazilian Ipe deck is an excellent addition to any property. It can extend the living space of your home and an elegant appeal to your vacation house. Before you decide to get Brazilian Ipe decking, you should know more about the its advantages and disadvantages. 

Brazilian Ipe is on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to costs, but it’s a great investment. Before you change your mind due to the price, do the math. The initial cost might seem high, but keep in mind that Brazilian Ipe decking will barely need any maintenance. It will also last for decades. In the long run, a Brazilian Ipe decking can actually save you more money compared to cheap materials that require a lot of upkeep and need constant replacement.

Brazilian Ipe decking can be left as it is. This means you don’t need to purchase and apply any sort of chemical to preserve it. Brazilian Ipe wood can naturally resist rotting and moisture as well as fungi. You don’t have to worry about parasites eating your deck either.

The only trouble with Brazilian Ipe decking is it will fade when left out in the sun. Its warm brown color can turn to a shade of silvery gray, which isn’t actually all that bad if you are trying to achieve a vintage look. Some homeowners purposely leave their Brazilian Ipe decking unprotected for a year or more. . Once it reaches their desired color, they then apply a UV finisher for preservation. If you want your Brazilian Ipe decking to remain brown, apply a UV blocking finisher as soon as possible.

Brazilian Ipe wood is incredibly strong. It is actually harder than maple and oak. To get the best results, call in professional deck contractors to install your Ipe wood decking.