Ipe Hardwood Decking – The Best Choice for Wet Surfaces

Choosing the right material for your deck will ensure durability, beauty, and safety as you enjoy your outdoor lounging area for many years. Ipe hardwood is a good choice for its superior properties and features. It is among the hardest, densest woods that guarantees a long-lasting and durable structure that naturally resists decay, fire, mold, insects, and moisture damage. It’s also the best material for preventing unwanted accidents, as it offers slip resistance with its interlocking grain and fine texture.


Only premium grade ipe

Ipe tends to be the most expensive Brazilian hardwood, but its qualities make it worth every dollar, especially when it prevents slips and falls, which can result in costly hospitalization and treatment. Just be sure you are investing in high-quality premium grade ipe from a reputable supplier that sources from sustainably managed forests.


Ideal for exterior applications

Ipe hardwood is also known as Brazilian black walnut or ironwood because of its hardness. It’s three times harder than an oak baseball bat, making it a popular material for building decks, docks, and other exterior uses. It withstands the elements and can last for decades with proper installation.

The material is ideal for exterior applications constantly exposed to moisture from rain and snow. Even when wet, the surface reduces the chances of an accident happening. You can confidently walk barefoot or wear footwear with minimal traction on your ipe deck.


Create safe and naturally beautiful surfaces

Ipe hardwood has a luxurious brown hue and grain you can maintain with a UV finisher to prolong its vibrant and natural color on your deck. Or you can let it transform into a silver-gray patina. The color change won’t affect its integrity, so you do not have to worry about the wood losing its strength over the years.