All About Garapa Decking: Best Wood, Best Stain, Best Sealers

As you explore the options in Brazilian hardwoods, you might find garapa the ideal choice for building a durable deck in an aesthetically pleasing and lasting light color. Reputable suppliers of Garapa decking materials carry everything you may need for a complete installation, including 4-by-4 posts and handrails. You could use the lumber by itself to create a custom deck or match it with other hardwoods like ipe for a one-of-a-kind look.


What makes it the best wood?

Garapa is appropriately nicknamed Brazilian oak for a good reason: it is hard, dense, and makes a suitable material for building decks. However, it may be better than regular oak for the lemon-yellow hue, which makes it more striking. With this color comes a fine grain and, sometimes, streaks of brown. Exposing the boards to the sun transforms the yellow to an attractive russet golden brown. You might also appreciate its natural scratch- and slip-resistant properties to make your deck less accident-prone.


No preservation required

Garapa decking does not require constant maintenance and chemical treatments to prevent decay, insects, water damage, and mold growth. The wood naturally resists those problems to reduce your upkeep and repair costs. Reputable suppliers of Brazilian hardwoods offer garapa at reasonable prices, allowing you to build a beautiful, cost-effective deck.


Staining garapa wood

Garapa is naturally beautiful for its golden and yellow hues, grain, and lines. Consider applying a tinted finisher if you want to retain that natural look. You may also use an ipe oil UV finisher to prevent it from turning gray and to enhance the natural grain. This treatment also helps reduce cracking and warping while repelling water.


Sealing garapa

Use sealers specifically made for Brazilian hardwoods like ipe and apply at all the ends of the Garapa decking boards. If you cut a board to size, apply the sealer on the ends to prevent checking and cracking. A quart of this product should be good for up to 130 boards.